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Working with the Morrissey & Associates team is straight forward. Mr. Morrissey will discuss and plan your upcoming project with you and your team. From there we will extract the production timeline, costs and possible hurdles. You will then receive a fully detailed and structured bid proposal. Once all parties have come to an agreement we will sign contract and move forward executing your project. You and your team will have access to our team during the entire duration of your project.

Robert Morrissey & Associates team has years of experience in the commercial and advertising photography fields. We guarantee to bring expertise to your projects that few studios teams can. Robert Morrissey has photographed foods, factories and faces for hundreds of companies with near pefect results. The advantage of hiring Robert Morrissey & Associates is we can handle the variety of photographic needs of your company. From executive portraits, to state of the art product shots and advertising photography for your websites or brochures. morrissey photo

National Clients Include: General Dynamics, Cell, Passport, Home Legends, Minerva Surgical, Elmets Communications, Lowe's, Walmart, Koll-LTD, Mondolfo Ferro, Clioday, Pocavi Watches, Pink Shave, Signia, CAI Rail, ET Grow, Radwin, FDC Chassis, Golite, EAG Labs, Albertsons, Kraft Foods, DSM, Hartz, Horizon Dairy, Pearl Izumi, Celestial Seasonings, Case Logic, Devilbiss Medical, Novocol, Sunrise Medical, Longmont Dairy, Ultimate Electronics, Sony, Olympus Cameras, Chimera Lighting, Schneider Optics, GE, Disney, Kyocera, AJA, University Denver, University Boulder, University of Missouri, KACI, and more.


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